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Your body is telling you something. Are you listening?

If you stopped to listen to your body right now, what would it tell you?  A wise and compassionate voice exists inside you that wants to be heard and it wants to guide you towards a more peaceful and fulfilling life experience.  Go ahead, ask your body what it needs from you. You might be surprised by what it has to share.

It can feel overwhelming or confusing to have that conversation with ourselves. Many of us were taught from an early age to value external and often damaging information over our own internal GPS and as a result, may have gotten used to suppressing, numbing, or mistrusting our own intuitive senses. 

It is time to give your body a voice.    

If you're seeking support, I am here.  I gently and safely guide you in beginning to tune into your body and cultivating a deeper internal awareness and relationship with yourself.  I offer a variety of modalities that will help you recover your intuitive senses and empower you to navigate your own life. 

A more peaceful and empowered experience with yourself is waiting for you inside.

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Clinical Qigong



Clinical Qigong

Clinical Qigong

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Praise & Testimonials

"I LOVED the New Moon Virtual Breathwork group. I had a spiritual experience doing it. Seriously, it was the very first time I had EVER done ANY breathwork of that intensity and it changed me. I was literally vibrating by the end of the session and I was face to face with myself in a very different way. I had not ever experienced myself in this way before. I am wanting to do more. I am grateful."

- Nancy B.

"After completing the New Moon Virtual Breathwork I had a big reaction. There was so much anger and frustration and sadness surfacing, especially around the repression and co-opting of my creativity as a child. This is something I have been working toward freeing for a long time, and with our recent move and other changes, I was primed for it. Thank you for guiding it so expertly and I appreciate the work you are doing." 

-Kelsey A. (Yoga Instructor)

"I came to Tutu at a time in my life when my anxiety was so heightened it was producing physical problems. From my first session with her, I felt more calm, relaxed and empowered to guide my own life. She is a deeply empathetic practitioner and makes clear that she cares about you and your healing journey.  

The atmosphere during our sessions is always comfortable and calming. Tutu listens carefully and works with you to create a healing experience unique to your needs. She explains what she will be doing ahead of your time together, and at the end thoroughly debriefs anything that came up during the session. The time and attention she gives is remarkable and speaks to her dedication to her practice. I cannot recommend her services enough!"

- Megan C. (Nonprofit Communications Manager)

"I recently tried my first Qigong treatment with Tutu, and I have to say it was a very calming, relaxing experience. Even after just one session I felt a sense of collective "goodness" on my walk home, and a noticeable lessening of some of the chronic discomfort I struggle with throughout the rest of the evening. Tutu was very professional and helped me feel immediately at ease upon my arrival as well as throughout the session. If you're at all interested, I would definitely suggest giving it a try." 

-Robert R. (Software Engineer)

"Tutu walks the walk and fundamentally believes in her work and practice. Her work is every day for her and she genuinely wants people to be their best selves.  She has the rare gift of being high vibe yet grounded at the same time.  

She's helped me realize how important a commitment to self-care is, even when you're feeling pretty good or have a ton going on.  

Book with Tutu, it will change your life!"

-Morgan C. (Legal Marketing Coordinator) 

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