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My journey began in a dream...

One of the ways I receive intuitive guidance is through dreams. The following dream was an uncomfortable yet profound wake-up call for me, highlighting how painful it is to try to be something you're not and how important it is to trust and know yourself from the inside out:

I was scared and alone, running through a thick, dark forest. A bright, glowing figure was watching me - clearly visible, gliding calmly and effortlessly through the dense trees. With a shock, I recognized my eerie pursuer: my own face gazed calmly back at me through the trees - she was me. 

Alarmed, I tore on through the darkness. The more I ran from her, the more depleted I became and the more confused and scared I felt. Yet still she remained, shining like a beacon through the trees. Patiently watching me.

Weak and exhausted, I reluctantly surrendered, allowing her to approach.  As she did, I remembered her with a sudden, overwhelming burst of clarity. She was my spirit, my power, my intuition.  I breathed her in through every pore of my body and it was like medicine.


It took two hip surgeries, a back surgery, a constant battle with anxiety, and countless mysterious allergies for me to finally surrender to myself, go deep into my own body and begin a lifelong healing, self-discovery journey.  I am here to share what's worked for me.  

My offerings are open to everyone.  Every session will be unique and I encourage people to let go of any expectations for themselves and simply listen to and observe their body. People that experience my practice often become inspired to begin a creative, restorative or healing process, continue a creative, restorative or healing journey already in progress, or take a new direction in that journey by gaining new insights of the self.  

My work holds space for people to be with themselves and define what an internal transformation process can be for them.  I gently and compassionately guide people to reconnect with themselves and their own inner wisdom so they feel empowered to guide their own lives and find the answers they're looking for.  

Professional Bio

Tutu is a certified Breathwork facilitator, Clinical Qigong practitioner, and PMA-certified Pilates instructor. She is based in Chicago and offers 1:1 sessions, treatments, and classes at LightSpace Pilates & Wellness Studio. She is currently pursuing certification in Clinical Qigong, Movement Qigong, and Chinese Neuro-Energetic Therapeutics through the Institute of Chinese Energy Healing and is a student of internationally acclaimed Qigong Master and NQA Certified Level IV Teacher Michael Lomax.

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