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I offer three different types of sessions: Pilates, Breathwork, and Clinical Qigong. Breathwork and Qigong are also available virtually. Please read the descriptions below to see which feels like the right choice for you.  If you have any questions at all about which treatment is the right one for you, please email me at bookwithtutu@gmail.com to ask. I'm happy to get back to you and assist you! 

What does your body need?


Clinical Qigong


Is your body in pain, sluggish, or stuck? Do you feel as if your body is working against you and your personal goals?  

I offer a different approach to your typical workout. Instead of focusing on the superficial, the “flaws”, and “problem areas”, I help you begin to focus your attention inward and cultivate a deeper internal awareness. 

Based on your unique body’s individual needs, I help you improve proper posture, balance and alignment, release tension, blockages and stagnation, and guide you in strengthening the foundation/core of your body. Getting to know yourself from the inside out is a deeply profound and empowering journey that begins to reverberate out into every aspect your life.  

I offer Pilates sessions at LightSpace Pilates & Wellness, the only studio in Chicago to integrate both Western and Eastern movement philosophies.  We customize holistic wellness programs for all populations using a blend of Pilates exercises and Qigong.  

Investment: Varies per offering


TO BOOK AN IN-PERSON CLASS OR PRIVATE SESSION: Click here to book at LightSpace Pilates & Wellness Studio.


Clinical Qigong


What is holding you back from speaking up freely, expressing your creativity, and making healthy decisions for yourself? 

Fear, anxiety, feeling that you don't deserve something more - it's what remains after painful experiences.  This emotional residue can build up in the body, creating physical and emotional distress that stifles your intuitive senses, personal growth, and creativity. 

Breathwork is an active meditation technique and self-healing practice that effectively vents out emotional buildup so you're better able to confidently access your intuition and creativity while also releasing lifetime patterns of negative self talk, anxiety, depression, and more.  Think of it like an emotional detox.

75-minute sessions are held virtually or in-person.

Investment: $95 (sliding scale available)


TO BOOK A VIRTUAL SESSION: Click here to learn more about and to book.

TO BOOK AN IN-PERSON SESSION: Held at LightSpace Pilates & Wellness Studio, please email me at BookWithTutu@gmail.com.


Sample the breathwork modality with my 7-minute guided breathwork mediation video! If you're already familiar with this video, feel free to skip to 11:01 to dive right into the breath. Enjoy! 

Clinical Qigong

Clinical Qigong

Clinical Qigong

Do you feel overwhelmed with life right now? Are you feeling down, scattered, burned out, depleted, or just unwell? 

Clinical Qigong sessions follow the Traditional Chinese Medical viewpoint that all pain and dysfunction in the body result from blockages or imbalances of Qi/ life energy.  

Often called "needle-less Acupuncture", Clinical Qigong utilizes on and off-body techniques and accesses the same points and channels found in Acupuncture to deliver restorative healing energy, re-balance a client's Qi and release stagnation and energetic blockages stored in the body.     

Each 55-minute session addresses an individual's unique physical and emotional needs, and can result in relief from stress, anxiety, depression, digestive issues, inflammation, physical tension and discomfort, and much more.

Private sessions are held virtually or in-person at LightSpace Pilates & Wellness studio.

Investment: $75 (sliding scale available)


TO BOOK A VIRTUAL TREATMENT: Click here to learn more about and to book a Distance Clinical Qigong Treatment

TO BOOK AN IN-PERSON TREATMENT: Held at LightSpace Pilates & Wellness Studio, click here to book.


New Moon Virtual Breathwork Group

Where: In the comfort of your own home. 

Investment: $22

The Moon is a symbol of our emotions, our subconscious, our dreams, and our intuition. While its phases influence our bodies and emotions in many ways, the New Moon phase is a particularly potent time time to set intent. Supported by this natural energy, the breath can assist you in inhaling/magnetizing what you desire and exhaling/ releasing what you no longer need to hold in your cells or your mental patterning.


Each month the breathwork will focus on a different topic (click to the signup page to see what we'll be working with this month). Attendees will recieve a recorded Zoom link, journal prompts aligned with the monthly topic, an aligned Spotify playlist and more. This group is recorded so you may work with the breath at your convenience.

What is Qigong?

Qigong (translates to "the study of energy through time and effort") is a form of Chinese movement meditation that originated several thousand years ago. Through continued practice, Qigong naturally corrects and balances one's Qi (or life energy) leading to increased health, well-being, and awareness.  I regularly practice Qigong myself in addition to offering its clinical application to others.  I weave the profound energetic benefits of Qigong into my Pilates and Breathwork offerings to support and further energize your personal goals and transformation.  

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